Patricia Rittenmeyer, ASA

Academic Background

Masters of Science in Administration, University of Utah, 1982

Bachelors of Science, University of Utah, 1980

Senior Accreditation, American Society of Appraisers, Antiques and Decorative Arts, 2004.

Certification, Appraisers Association of America, Inc. in Personal Property: Residential Contents; Furniture & Decorative Arts, American: General; Furniture & Decorative Arts: General, Southern; Silver: General, 2003.

Certification, International Society of Appraisers in Antiques and Residential Contents, 2001.

University of Maryland University College/International Society of Appraisers Core Courses, 1998

  • Ethics, Business Practices, Communications
  • Identification and Authentication, Research, Terminology, Report Writing
  • Legal Aspects of Appraising, Case Studies, Expert Witness, IRS Report Writing

George Washington University, Smithsonian Institution & American Society of Appraisers (ASA) Certificate Program in Appraisal Studies in Fine and Decorative Arts, 1998

  • Introduction to Personal Property Valuation, The Sources of Value (ASA)
  • Personal Property Valuation Methodology, Research and Analysis (ASA)
  • Personal Property Valuation: Report Writing (ASA)
  • Personal Property Valuation: Appraisal Practice and Standards (ASA)
  • Appraising Books, Manuscripts and Ephemera
  • Silver Identification: Markings
  • 18th & 19th Century French Furniture
  • 19th Century Decorative Arts
  • American and European Pottery and Porcelain: 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries
  • Victorian Porcelain
  • Porcelain, Furniture, Silver and Fine Art during the Baroque Period in England. Two weeks studying in London with Sotheby’s Auction House, Education Department.

Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Winter Institute, Three Week Intensive Study in Fine and Decorative Arts consisting of lectures, workshops and room studies. 1999

  • 17th C & 18th C William & Mary Furniture
  • Introduction to History of British American Colonies in the 18th Century
  • Atlantic Conversations: Material Culture & the 18th Century City
  • Queen Anne Furniture
  • Craftsman’s Introduction to Windsor Chairs
  • Rococo Influences in American Furniture
  • “Who put the Rococo in American Furniture?”
  • American Neo-classical Architecture
  • Federal Furniture
  • American Chairs of the Early Federal Period, 1790-1810: The Early Classical Style
  • American Furniture in the Late Classical Revival Style Material Culture in American Society 1840 – 1900
  • Pennsylvania German Painted Furniture
  • Painted Furniture Tour
  • The Art and Architecture of the Shakers
  • Shaker Room Studies
  • Textile Production in Early America
  • Upholstery Details of the 18th C
  • “With My Needle I Wrought…” Early American Needlework
  • Fashions and Functions in Early American Silver 1640 – 1860
  • Non-Precious Metals
  • English Ceramics
  • Glass in Early America
  • Understanding Glass Technology
  • Handmade Paper for the Arts
  • Landscape Images after the Civil War: Changing Tastes, Techniques & Audiences
  • Print Workshop
  • More Than Meets the Eye: Looking at Paintings With a Conservator

Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), Summer Institute, Four Week Intensive Study in Fine and Decorative Arts of the Low Country consisting of lectures, collection studies, workshops and a field trip to Charleston. 1999

  • Survey of Terminology and Period Characteristics
  • Collection Studies, Textiles, Chesapeake Furniture, Low Country Furniture I, II & III, Metals, Paintings, Ceramics, Back Country Furniture
  • Research Methods
  • Woods, Tools & Technology, I, II, III
  • The Three Regions
  • South Carolina: A Social Portrait
  • Material Culture
  • Material Culture Outside the Canon
  • Products and Patrons of Thomas Elfe
  • Artists in the Carolina Low Country
  • Silver & Metals in the Low Country
  • Charleston Architecture
  • Rococo Architecture Carving
  • “Did they really have slaves?”
  • Archaeology
  • Charleston Furniture
  • Education in the South
  • Charleston’s Revolutionary Artisans
  • Ceramic Production in the Low Country
  • Charles Frazier
  • Textiles in the Low Country
  • Wood Identification

Parsons School of Design, Musee Des Arts Decoratifs and Cooper Hewitt Master’s Program in the History ofDecorate Arts, Two Week Intensive Master’s course in French Decorative Arts, Paris, France. 2000

Antiques & Residential Contents – International Society of Appraisers Specialty Course, One Week Intensive Study Program, Atlanta Georgia, 2000

  • Furniture: American, French and English
  • Ceramics: Pottery and Porcelain, American, English, Continental and Oriental
  • American Glass
  • Silver: American, English, Continental and Oriental
  • Toys
  • Dolls
  • Vintage Fashions
  • Garage
  • Kitchen
  • Prints
  • Orientalia: Amber, Cloisonne & Enamel Ware, Colored Hard Stone Carving, Ivory, Bone & Related Materials, Lacquer – Coromandel and Cinnabar, Metalware, Export Paintings, Eglomise, Stoneware and Porcelain, Soapstone Carving, Textiles, Sewing Accessories

The Appraisal of Antique and Period Jewelry – International Society of Appraisers Specialty Course, One Week Intensive Study Program, Atlanta, Georgia, 2001

  • Timeline and Circa Dating
  • Hallmarks and Makers Marks
  • Construction & Creation
  • Pre 17th Century, Georgian, Victorian (Romantic, Grand & Aesthetic), Edwardian, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, and Cocktail Jewelry
  • Cultural Cross Currents
  • Accessories & Novelties
  • Reproduction & Fakes
  • Restored & Married Pieces
  • Market Research

The Appraisal of Fine Art – International Society of Appraisers Specialty Course, One Week Intensive Study Program, San Antonio, Texas, 2002

  • Paintings
  • Sculpture
  • Works on Paper – Intaglio, Relief, Planograph, Stencil and Giclee Prints
  • Frames
  • Conservation
  • Authentication
  • Identification and Market Research
  • Japanese Prints
  • Icons
  • Animation Art
  • Black and White Photography
  • Spanish Colonial Religious Art

Continuing Education

  • 7-Hour USPAP Update Course for Personal Property, Gems & Jewelry, and Machinery & Technical Specialties online offered by ASA Headquarters. 2021
  • 7-Hour USPAP Update Course for Personal Property, Gems & Jewelry, and Machinery & Technical Specialties offered by ASA in Charlotte, NC. 2019, 2017
  • Art Conservation Photograph ID and Connoisseurship for the General Appraiser, Gawain Weaver, Webinar offered by ASA July 2020
  • Summer Scholars Series offered by MESDA via webinar, July 2020
  • Identifying Frames by Suzanne Smeaton Frame Historian & Consultant for ASA as a webinar, August 2020
  • Old Salem, NC lecture series, three lectures July 2020.
  • Later Asian Ceramics by Daphne Rosenzweig, PhD, ISA CAPP, White Hall at the Villa, Chapel Hill, NC July 20 & 21, 2008
  • International Society of Appraisers Annual Conference, Baltimore, Maryland April 25 – 28, 2008
    • American Fancy Exuberance in the Arts, 1795 – 1840 by Sumpter Priddy III
    • Plus or Minus? Dilemmas in Looking at Local Antiques as Seen Through Maryland Silver and Ceramics by Jennifer Goldsborough
    • From 1770 it took a Spring, Cabinetmaking in the late 18th and early 19th century Baltimore by Alexandra Kirtley
    • Glass in 19th century America by Mary Cheek Mills
    • Peeling the Peales: A Look at the Peale Family in the Maryland Historical Society in Context by Carrie Barratt
    • Explanation of the Appraisal Foundation by David Bunton, president
  • Borrowed, Invented & Stolen, Celebrating the Decorative Arts in America, Tryon Palace Decorative Arts Symposium, New Bern, North Carolina, March 28 – 30, 2008.
  • The Finishing Touch, Understanding Period Furniture Finishes, MESDA February – March 2008
  • Understanding Furniture Surfaces: Change over time, Winterthur, Del October 2006
  • Scottish Furniture with Dr. David Jones, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland, a three day independent study, August 2006.
  • Northern Ceramic Society’s Summer School – “Looking at the Evidence”, University of Chester, Chester, England, August 2006.
  • Winterthur Ceramics Conference 2006 Doing the Continental
    • European Porcelain and the Evolution of Style
    • Continental Influences on English Porcelain in the mid-1800s
    • German Stoneware and Earthenware: Their Influences on American Ceramics
    • Porcelain and the Evolution of Dining in 18th century Europe
    • Workshop – European Inspirations for Chinese Export Porcelain
    • Catching the Drift: Continental Ceramics from the Ground
    • European Influences on American Ceramic Tableware
    • Workshop – Introduction to Continental Porcelain
    • The French Connection: Continental Influences on English Ceramics of the Victorian Period
    • The Story of Utz: Intrigue in the Meissen world
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts Furniture Seminar Furniture and the Art of the Carver, February 2006
    • Robert Walker & “His Carver:” New Discoveries in Colonial Virginia Furniture
    • Workshop Demonstration: Robert Walker’s Sculpture and His Carver’s Vocabulary
    • The Art of Carving: Discernment and Appreciation
    • Thomas White, North Carolina Cabinetmaker and the New England Connection
    • Furniture of Newport: Carving and Joinery
    • Workshop Demonstration: Newport Style
  • The Third Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts, Athens, Georgia February 2006
    • Classicism Returns to Georgia: American Federal Furniture at the Governor’s Mansion in Atlanta
    • Silk in Georgia, 1732 – 1840
    • Georgia Folk Pottery as a Regional Tradition
    • The Arts & Crafts Collection at Tallulah Falls School
    • Georgia Furniture: Attributions and Characteristics
    • Southern Silver: The Mystery and Art Beyond the Major Silversmithing Centers
    • Celebrating Silver in the South: The Myths and the Magnificent
    • English Silver in America: 1638 – 1776
  • Historic Wilmington Foundation, March Education Series 2005, Wilmington: Building Community, People and Places
  • The 2005 Grove Park Inn Arts and Crafts Conference, Asheville, NC, 2005.
  • MESDA 2004 Gordon Conference, October 2004.
  • Uniform Standards of Professional Practice, New York University, June 2004.
  • International Society of Appraisers Annual Convention, April 2004
    • IRS and the Appraiser
    • How Do We Make Contacts and Money in the Insurance Industry?
    • Appraising Prints for the Generalist
    • Southern Silver
    • Identifying American Art Deco Furniture
    • Southern Furniture
    • African-American Art
    • Identifying and Appraising Clocks
    • Fake, Fantasy and Fraud in Civil War Memorabilia
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts Furniture Seminar Fanciful & Functional The Art & Mystery of Painted Furniture, February 2004
    • Painted Furniture for America’s First Garden Rooms, 1790 – 1825
    • Painted Furniture of the Valley of Virginia
    • Workshop: Design, Construction and Ornament in the Painted Architectural Cupboards of the Eastern Shore
    • Workshop: Care and Conservation of Painted Surfaces in Antique Furniture
  • Working Relationships: Appraisers and Other Professionals, four day conference by the Appraisers Association of America, Inc., Nov 2003
    • Overview of Recent Cases Involving Art Appraisals
    • Ethics and the Appraiser
    • Estate Planning and the Appraiser
    • Overview of Estate Planning and the Appraiser
    • Estates and Remainder Trusts
    • Trade in Cultural Property
    • The Impact of Terrorism on the Art Market
    • The Appraisal Report: Collaboration Among Professionals
    • Regionalism and American Paintings
    • What’s Hot? – What’s Not?
    • Collectibles
    • Silver – Fake Marks
    • 18th Century Chinese Export Porcelain
    • Part Time Appraiser – Part Time Consultant
    • All About Appraising: The Definitive Appraisal Handbook
    • Sources for Comparables: Suggested Resources
  • Pacific Coast Ceramics Seminar, three day seminar by The Northern Ceramic Society with Geoffrey Godden, September 2003
    • What is Porcelain?
    • Published Images and Other European Sources That Influenced English Ceramic Design
    • Politics and Pots
    • Mid-Eighteenth Century English Porcelain – The First Fifty Years
    • Bristol and Plymouth Porcelains
    • Victorian Pottery and Porcelain
    • What are Delftware, Stoneware and Creamware?
    • English Earthenware and Porcelain in Colonial America
    • Chinese Influences on English Ceramic Design
    • London Decoration 1800 – 1830
    • Worcester Porcelain
    • Collecting Blue and White Porcelain
  • International Society of Appraisers Annual Convention, April 2003
    • Appraising the Dream Garden Mosaic
    • The World Trade Center: The Ultimate Damage and Loss Case
    • Art & Antique World: Present and Future
    • The Internet for Appraisers and Sellers
    • Art Fraud, Misrepresentations & Gobbledygook
    • Federal Furniture
    • Identifying Unmarked Pottery
    • Collecting Photographs in the New Millennium
    • 19th Century Philadelphia Cabinetmakers
    • 1850 – 1940 American Paintings
    • Art Nouveau Jewelry
    • Prints and Maps: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts Furniture Seminar, February 2003. “All the Branches of the Trade.” It looked at a variety of aspects of 18th century cabinetmaking, including design and layout, design sources, regional style, and furniture finishes. Participants closely studied examples of Charleston furniture in the MESDA collection.
  • Appraising Oriental Rugs, two day seminar through the Georgia Chapter of ISA, August 2002
  • American Society of Appraisers Seminar, Thomas Jefferson – Charlottesville, VA, March 2002
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts Furniture Seminar The Subject is: Case Study Examining form, style, construction, reproduction, and conservation of case furniture (i.e. boxes of all sorts – desks, chests, drawers, cabinets, etc.) February 2002
    • Charleston Case Furniture: Major groups of style found in Charleston, SC
    • Scottish Case Furniture
    • Workshop: Building Cases and Personal Spaces: 18th century shop technology in laying out and
    • constructing the desk interior
    • Workshop: “Case Goods Made to Order”: Reproducing a Krause Desk and Bookcase in the Old Salem
    • collection.
    • Workshop: Making a good case: A conservator’s insights into traditional case construction.
  • 54th Williamsburg Antiques Forum, French Taste in Early America, One Week Forum at Colonial Williamsburg, February 2002
    • French Arts and Manners
    • The French Connection: Founding Fathers, Parisian Interludes and a New Sense of Style 1776 – 1815
    • Rediscovering an American Icon: Houdon’s Washington
    • American Women and French Fashion, 1780 – 1820
    • Fripperies and Fops: 18th Century British Satires of French Culture
    • In the French Fashion: French Influence on English Metalwork, 1680 – 1760
    • From Boston to Charleston: Huguenot Artisans in Colonial America
    • French Furniture in the Mississippi Valley
    • Huguenot Silversmiths and Their Influence in America, 1680 – 1760
    • Elegant China Ware: The Taste for French Porcelain in America
    • Emigres Artisans and Merchants and the Dissemination of French Modern Classicism in the DecorativeArts in Federal New York
    • The Murray Sisters: A Closer Look at an 18th Century Portrait through Conservation
    • The French Connection: Wallpaper in the French Taste
    • French Dining in America
    • The Influence of French Classicism on Furniture-Making in the Middle Atlantic
    • In Search of Style: French Design Influences on American Interiors, 1850 – 1900
    • Southern Furniture
  • Continental and English 19th Century Furniture. Three day class thru George Washington University Appraisal Studies Program, Washington, D. C.
  • American Society of Appraisers, Chapter 82, Appraising Oriental Rugs, Sharon Kerwick, March 22, 2001, 9 – 5.
    • History
    • Material
    • Construction
    • Design
    • Research
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts Furniture Seminar Judgement, Taste & Skill Upholstered Furniture
    • Furniture Upholstery 1600 – 1800
    • The Finishing Touch: Textiles for Historic Upholstery
    • Historic Upholstery Restoration and Conservation Techniques
    • Upholstered Furniture of the Moravians in North Carolina
    • Current Sources fro Reproduction Historic Textiles
  • Colonial Williamsburg Celebrates 75 years of Collecting. 53rd Williamsburg Antiques Forum
    • The European Grand Tour: Forming the Connoisseur
    • In Pursuit of Refinement: Charlestonians Abroad, 1740 – 1860
    • Seventy-Five Years of Caring for Furniture
    • Abby Aldrich Rockefeller and the Recognition of Folk Art in America
    • Thomas Jefferson Speaks About His ‘Tour de France’
    • Charles Wilson Peale and the Birth of the American Museum
    • Scholarship and the Changing Market for Southern Decorative Arts
    • Paul Mellon as a Collector of Americana Books and Manuscripts
    • “We’re Going to Buy the Town”: Williamsburg and the Popularization of the Colonial Past, 1850 – 1930
    • Cora Ginsburg: Addressing Collections. The Influence of a Pioneer Dealer in Costume and Textiles
    • Paper Conservation: Extremely Up Close and Personal with Prints and Watercolors
    • The Truth Lies Within: Furniture Fakes from the Chipstone Collection
    • The Legacy and Legend: Colonial Williamsburg and the American Mind
    • How Henry E. Huntington Got ‘The Goods’
    • Susan Higginson Nash and Her Forgotten Role as Colonial Williamsburg’s First Interior Decorator
    • Wallace Nutting: A Search for New England’s Past
    • ‘Road Trips and Treasure Hunts’: Some Early Collectors of Pennsylvania German Decorative Arts
  • Appraising Damage/Loss Claims. Two day seminar presented by American Society of Appraisers in Grapevine, TX
    • Understanding the Moving and Storage Industry
    • Understanding and Appraising Transit Damage and Loss
    • Understanding the Insurance Industry
    • Understanding and Appraising Damage and Loss
  • International Perfume Bottle Association Convention 2000, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Provenance and Due Diligence: A Workshop / Conference, An International Foundation For Art Research (IFAR) and New York University Collaboration, New York City.
  • “Every native mechanical genius” Furniture of the Southern Back Country Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • American Silver, 19th & 20th Centuries: 1840 – 1940. Two day symposium by D. Albert Soeffling.
  • American Society of Appraisers Conference on Personal Property Appraising, New York City.
    • Estate and Donation Appraisals, Lecture by IRS representatives
    • Damage/Loss Appraisals in the event of Major Fire/Water and Contamination Loss and Likelihood of Litigation, Panel Discussion
    • The Art News Media and Its Sources, Panel Discussion
    • Phillips Auction House, Preview of American Decorative Arts Exhibit
    • The New School of Social Research, Curator Lecture on the Works of Jose Clemente Orozco
    • The Forbes Collection, Curator Lecture
    • Illustration House Gallery, Walt Reed, Director’s Analysis of the Market
    • Sotheby’s Auction House, Lecture by Leslie Keno, Connoisseurship and Characteristics of Value and the Auction Market vs. the Retail Market
    • Christie’s Auction House, Lecture by Specialist in American Decorative Arts and Folk Art
    • New York Public Library, Tour of Art and Special Collection Resources
    • Morgan Library, Curator tour of the Dahesh Museum Exhibit
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lecture by Assistant Curator, Peter Kenney, The American Decorative Arts Collection
    • The Frick Collection, Lecture on development of the collection and tour of the collection
    • Winter Antique Show
    • American Historical Picture Frames – Connoisseurship Lecture by representative of Eli Wilner Gallery
    • American Quilts, Lecture by William Ketchum
  • Art & Enterprise, American Decorative Arts, 1825 – 1917, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia.
    • European Roots of American Nineteenth Century Furniture
    • Charles L. Tiffany: The Legacy of Enduring Marketing through Excellence in Design
    • International Expositions and the Decorative Arts: Americans Encounter the World
    • American Silver
    • American Ceramics
    • American Revival Style Furniture
  • The International Ceramics Fair and Seminar, London
    • Scientific Analysis and 18th Century Porcelain
    • 1799 – 1999 Two Hundred Years of Collecting Asian Export Ceramics at the Peabody Essex Museum
    • Princes, Harlequins, Kings and Shepherdesses: Ceramic Figures From the Baroque to the Neo-Classical
    • Charles-Nicolas Dodin (1734 – 1803), First Miniature Painter at the Vincennes – Sevres Royal Porcelain Manufactory
    • The Art of London’s Porcelain
    • Transparent or Opaque Colors? The Introduction of Figurative Painting on Porcelain
    • A Large Japanese Dish, with a Depiction of a Porcelain Factory
    • Capodimonte or Buen Retiro? Old Problems, New Conclusions
  • Grosvenor House Art and Antiques Fair, London
  • Olympia Art and Antiques Fair, London
  • International Society of Appraisers Annual Convention
    • Valuation of Personal Property For Estate And Gift Tax Returns – “ From A Practitioner’s Point Of View”
    • Uses Of Appraisers And Appraisals For The Collection Of Debts And Liens
    • A Panel Discussion Of The Insurance Industry – Agency, Claims And Underwriting
    • IRS Estate And Gift Tax
    • Hallmarks: An Advanced Class In Reading, Interpretation & Identification
    • Sevres Porcelain
    • Appraising Pewter: Identifying American Pewter
    • 19th Century Japanese Prints: “A Great Wave Of Information”
    • After Ukiyo-E: Connoisseurship Of Twentieth Century Japanese Prints
    • Japanese Prints Hands-On
    • Watches After Market VS Authentic Dial Restorations
    • Valuing Fine Art And Artifacts Collections – “The Players And How They Affect The Appraisal Process”.
    • Painted Furniture In America
    • Steuben Glass by Tom Dimitroff
  • Uniform Standards Of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), SE 100, American Society of Appraisers Repairing And Restoring Antiques by Bob Flexner, The Woodworker’s Guild of Georgia
  • The Art of Wood Inlay (plus)…
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • High Museum of Art, “Honore Lannuier, Parisian Cabinetmaker in Federal New York” by Peter Kenny, AssociateCurator of American Decorative Arts and Administrator of the American Wing, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Georgia Museum of Art, “New Light on Southern Furniture” by Thomas Savage, Vice President for Education at Sotheby’s, New York
  • American Society of Appraisers, Personal Property Annual Conference
    • The Imagery of Early Colonial Art: Evolution from an English Tradition
    • The Charleston Museum Collections, including Charleston Silver
    • Charleston Museum, including Heyward-Washington House and Joseph Manigault House
    • Introduction to Charleston Furniture
    • Four schools of Charleston Cabinetmakers
    • Charleston Architecture
    • French Porcelain for Federal Tables
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, 1998 Gordon Conference, New Research In Southern Decorative Arts & Material Culture
    • Searching Alabama For Material Culture: What We Found And What It Means To Southern Research
    • To Be A Free Black Artisan In The Antebellum South: The Life of Cabinetmaker Thomas Day
    • Simple Silver: Silverware By South Central Kentucky Silversmiths
    • The Tuttle Muddle: An Investigation Of A Kentucky Case-On-Frame Furniture Group
    • “In An Elegant Manner And On Reasonable Terms”: Gabriel Allen’s Gravestones In Rhode Island And Charleston, South Carolina
  • The Alexandria Forum, “Southern Furniture Rediscovered”
    • An Overview Of Southern Furniture
    • The Decorative Arts of Southwest Virginia
    • The Kentucky Shakers and Their Furniture
    • Furniture of the Chesapeake 1680 – 1830
    • Tours of Kenmore and Chatham Manor, two grand 18th C. Virginia Plantation Homes.
  • Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum and Appraisers Association of America
    Deceit, Deception and Discovery: Recognizing and Identifying Fakes Through the Study of Objects.

    • Scientific Tests to Determine Fakes
    • Fakes in Ceramics
    • Physical Evidence of Pre-Industrial Furniture
    • Furniture Workshop: Imposters at Winterthur
    • Masterpieces from the Winterthur Collection
    • English Ceramics
    • Chinese Export Porcelain
    • Campbell Collection of Soup Tureens
  • International Society of Appraisers Annual Convention
    • Expert Witness Panel Discussion
    • The Value of Wildlife and Wildlife Artifacts
    • Customs: Whose Value Does the Appraiser Use When Working With Customs?
    • How to Research Heraldry
    • Oriental Ceramics: Describing, Judging and Valuing
    • Early American Silver
    • Railroad Collectibles – Categories and Considerations
    • 19th Century Furniture & Renaissance Furniture – Anything New?
  • Scrolls, Shells & Brocatelle: The Rococo Revival in the South
    Madison – Morgan Cultural Center, Madison, Georgia
  • The Art & Mystery of TURNED FURNITURE
    Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • A Region of Regions: Cultural Diversity and the Furniture Trade in the Early South
    Williamsburg Institute & The Chipstone Foundation, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Wood Identification Seminar
    Whitehall at the Villa by David Lindquist and Chris Allen, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Silver Seminar
    Whitehall at the Villa by David Lindquist, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Savannah Sojourn: Victorian Furniture, Chinese Export Porcelain and Staffordshire Porcelain
    Georgia Historical Society, Savannah, Georgia
  • International Society of Appraisers Annual Convention
    • 18th Century Meissen by Mimi Levine
    • Four Centuries of Chairs by Oscar Fitzgerald
    • The Furniture of the American Classical Period by Bruce M. Schuettinger, ISA
    • The Right Frame by William Adair
    • Appraising Antique Advertising and Country Store Memorabilia by Howard Parzow
    • Micro-Mosaics by Ellen Roberts
    • American and English Silver: The Same ? Different ? Does it matter? By Jennifer Goldsborough
    • Decorative Objects of the American Arts and Crafts Movement by Jim Graham
    • An Orientation to Oriental Rugs by Gerald Thompson
    • Curbing Claim Costs by Estelle Tredway
    • Explore the Internet–How it can really help you in your appraisal business
    • Provenance and its effect on value
  • Sterling Qualities: British and American Silver 1670 – 1900
    Virginia Museum of Fine Art and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Richmond and Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), Winston-Salem, NC Furniture Seminar The Subject: Wood - The material itself, and the history of its use in Southern and British furniture. February 1997
    • The Properties of Wood
    • Woods Found and Used in the Early South
    • The Use of Native Woods in British Regional Furniture
    • Woods and the Eighteenth Century Shop
    • A Practical Approach to Understanding Early Furniture Through Woods
  • The Antiques Brokerage & Liquidation Certificate Program. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
    • The World of Antiques and Collectibles
    • Antique and Collectible Glass Seminar
  • 17th Annual Antique and Period Jewelry and Gemstone Course. Joyce Jonas, Director (NYU Professor in Appraisal Studies). University of Maine, Orono, Maine
  • American Victorian Furniture and Succeeding in the Antiques & Collectibles Business
    Furman University , Division of Continuing Education. Greenville, South Carolina
  • American Association of Appraisers Personal Property Conference: Regional Aspects of Furniture and Decorative Arts of Charleston, South Carolina
  • Independent Research at MESDA, Furniture Library -High Point, North Carolina, High Museum Library, Atlanta Historical Society Library, Emory University Library, Fulton County Public Library, Atlanta College of Art Library and the Internet. Books, Maine Antique Digest, The Magazine Antiques, Silver Magazine, Art & Auction and results of Internet searches are a few appraisal support resources.

Professional Experience

Appraisal, Brokering and Consultation: Client’s include Library of Congress, corporations, museums, moving companies, insurance companies, adjustors, attorneys and individuals.

Appraiser, “Treasures in Your Home” on PAX television

Antiques Dealer and Collector

Appraiser, Antiques, Decorative Arts, Collectibles & Residential Contents

Director, Antiques & Art Conference ‘97, Atlanta, Georgia

Resources to Support Appraisal Research

Two Thousand Five Hundred Volume Reference Library

ArtPrice & Askart, databases of international auction results for fine arts online. Askart includes artist signatures.

Knowledge of and skill in researching on the Internet


Lt Col Air Force Reserves, 1971 – 1990

Vice President, ISA Georgia Chapter, 1997 – 1999

Chairman, ISA Designation and Review Committee, 2004 – 2005

Chairman, ISA Member Benefits Committee, 2000 – 2002

Appraisal Reviewer and Exam Grader for the Designation and Review Committee, ISA.

Appraised the art collection of a previous CEO of Coca Cola.

Appraised the collection of Bellingrath Gardens Home in Mobile, Alabama

One of three appraisers invited to appraise the historic furniture collection of the Library of Congress. We (the appraisers) recommended that the collection did not need to be appraised.

Appraised the collection of Rebecca Latimer Felton (first female US Senator).

Appraised a collection of historic flags belonging to The Cape Fear Museum.


American Society of Appraisers, Senior Accredited

International Society of Appraisers, Certified Member Retired

American Association of Appraisers, Certified Member Retired

Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts

Winterthur Guild, Winterthur Museum

The Nature Conservancy